Thursday, February 12, 2015


I realise that this should have come first, but such was my desire to rant a little about the lengthy post-viva process that I forgot to introduce the aims of this blog!

So, about me!
I am a doctoral student in history, based in the UK. I am keeping this blog reasonably anonymous - mostly because I am actively engaged in a job search, which you will have the joy of reading I hope.

I am first and foremost looking for academic positions - lectureships, research positions, etc. but the realisation of the difficulties and saturation of the humanities academic job market has led me to explore other options in the non-academic world (I'm not a sell-out, I swear!)

This is not from a pragmatic standpoint either. During the doctorate I became increasingly interested in positions that would utilise my doctoral skills (note: not research specialty) and my work experience. I identified two key non-academic areas where I believe I can find a worthwhile and meaningful career - university administration and the cultural sector.

I'll expand on these in later blog posts, but for now, welcome to the blog! And please leave comments about your own post-doc experiences - both good and bad - as my main goal is to start an open and frank dialogue about the trials and tribulations of life beyond the doctorate, and maybe even beyond the ivory tower.

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