Monday, March 9, 2015

One Foot In...

Exciting news!

I am pleased to announce that I will be moving into an alternative academic job, training to lead and manage universities. This is what is commonly called an alt-ac job rather than a pure non-ac job.

There are a number of reasons why I have questioned trying to stay in academia with all its attendant difficulties. I could cite a number of pragmatic reasons such as salary, clear career path, and job security; however, I take an idealist view! Over a number of conversations with a good friend of mine and a number of glasses of wine (Sam Blickhan - blog shout out to you!), I realised that I wanted to make a difference, affect change, and have a real impact in higher education. Now, you could easily argue that teaching achieves all of that, but I would argue that it achieves it on a small scale. I'm aiming much bigger than that!

However, some may say that I am selling-out of academia, or that I will never return to it. This blog will likely take a direction in the future where I wrestle with a full-time job and trying to keep one foot in academia. I'm (possibly naively) going to try to maintain my academic profile by publishing and attending conferences. This may utterly crash and burn, but until I try I won't know!

Anyway, I was bored today, so created this infogram about my process of thinking about finding the right job after the doctorate and my plans to wear both an alt-academic and academic hat at the same time!

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