Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Social Media

Over the past year I have used social media more and more for academic and networking purposes than I have for personal use (i.e. keeping in touch with friends and family, etc.). I have found it incredibly rewarding and validating to engage with like-minded people on Twitter and share experiences. This was the foundation idea of this blog which I started to document my life after the doctorate.

Now, recent posts have discussed the stasis I am in at the moment waiting for my major corrections to be approved. In addition, this blog was meant to document my transition into an alternative-academic career. That doesn't start until September this year so as yet I don't have much to say about utilising my PhD skills in a professional environment,

So, while I am in this waiting period I have found myself turning more and more to social media and I have gotten so much out of it!

Firstly, I follow a large number of fellow PhD students and those with a PhD and it has been wonderful to share my experiences with PhDs about to go through the process, and those with a PhD who have been reassuring about the future.

Secondly, through following not just fellow medievalists, but people with expertise in a broad range of historical interests, and the hashtag #Twitterstorians, I have maintained my interest in all things to do with history. This is so important to me right now because I cannot bear to look at my thesis or discuss it until the corrections are approved. Understandably, I don't have much motivation to go to the library until the saga is over! So, Twitter allows me to keep feeling that I am learning new things and keeping up with current research.

Thirdly, as a networking tool I have received helpful advice, translation assistance, and even found a collaborator for a translation project which will hopefully lead to publication. Social media is an amazing opportunity for collaboration in academia and working with others having come from an very isolating humanities PhD.

So, although I have been complaining recently, I want to say thank you to everyone!

Thank you for good wishes!
Thank you for the encouragement!
Thank you for the positive feedback!

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