Monday, April 13, 2015

The Waiting Game

Before I began my PhD I had this notion that it would be a very fluid affair, with me finding a consistent rhythm of research and writing. However, for me, I found the process to be much more of a stop/start affair, and one which required patience.

Although, as anyone who has been following this blog and my Twitter will know, there are certain parts of the PhD process where I find patience immensely trying! See my post on transparency:

I understand that everybody has a difference working process, but I would work in bursts of activity, send drafts off to my supervisor and wait. I could only resume work once I had received feedback - luckily, my supervisor is amazing at returning work to be quickly!

The same goes for each of the examination stages throughout my PhD such as transfer and confirmation of status (or upgrades as they are often referred to). But for each of these stages, there was the comfort of know that feedback would be given and the work could continue!

Of course, I knew the same would apply to the viva process. It is a rare viva which results in absolutely no corrections, so I went in with the knowledge that at the minimum I would have 1 month to make minor corrections, or 6 months to make major corrections. Although the outcome was uncertain going in, at least I knew the options and timelines for work post-viva. Therefore, patience with guidelines and timelines is a patience I can bear!

However, playing the waiting game after submitting my major corrections is severely trying my patience. This is due to the opaqueness of the process and the lack of knowledge about how long it will take the examiners to respond and what further work they may or may not ask me to do. I could endure this waiting game much better were I to know that the examiners had 2 months or 3 months to respond to me. That way, when my email pings I do not immediately freak out and check to see if it is thesis news. (It's not, it's usually an email from Pizza Hut!).

Anyway, I am nearing the 2 month marker for waiting to hear anything from the examiners! I don't necessarily expect to hear the final outcome, but it really would be nice to know that they are working on it!

If anyone has received major corrections, or knows anyone who has got them, I would really appreciate you leaving a comment below about how long the wait was for the approval from the examiners.

Cheers, and let the waiting game continue!

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