Monday, July 27, 2015

PhD Pride 2.0

Below are some of the responses I have got from Twitter on the question: What makes you proud of your PhD?

Many thanks to all the contributions thus far! Please keep sharing under the hashtag #PhDproud and I will keep updating this page!

And lest we forget the potential for humour and fun in a PhD:

But ultimately, it comes down to this:
Other points were mentioned to me, such as how the PhD eroded the impostor syndrome and provided a greater sense of belonging to the academic community. In addition, there is immense pride from those who managed to juggle (sometimes multiple) jobs with the PhD which deserves immense pride. I imagine it would be the same feeling for those juggling a PhD with family commitments. 

All I can add is WELL DONE! We all deserve an immense pat on the back, and I'm sure that through sharing our points of pride, current and future PhDs will derive comfort from them!

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