Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Honest PhD Update

Just a quick note to update readers (and more specifically survey respondents) on the progress of the Honest PhD Guide.
I can honestly say that I have never had this much fun and enjoyment writing something before. And I can also say that writing has never come so easily to me before!
I have a suspicion this is because I was never really honest with my PhD experiences that publically before I started blogging. Certainly, many of the feelings I had were unknown to my supervisor and even family (such as imposter syndrome). But now I feel more confident in sharing my experiences and the honesty of the survey responses has spurred me on even further.
The book is half autobiographical in the sense that I share my experiences and thoughts, and half a response to and compilation of the survey responses.
Here is where I have got to:
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Choosing to pursue a PhD
  • Chapter 2: Choosing an institution
  • Chapter 3: Funding
  • Chapter 4: Relationships
  • Chapter 5: Managing the thesis
  • Chapter 6: Viva
  • Chapter 7: The aftermath
  • Conclusion
Many thanks again to everybody! I'll keep ploughing away at this, and then have some colleagues review it for me. From there I will turn it to an e-book!
Hoping to have it ready early in the New Year!

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