Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I am pleased to announce that the Honest PhD Guide has gone live! It is available for purchase here.

Many thanks to those who contributed to the survey and for your frank and honest insights into the PhD process and career paths. I hope this little book sheds light on a complex and emotional process, dispels some myths about the PhD and post-PhD life, and generally aids towards a little bit more compassion, understanding and tolerance about the PhD.

Why should you buy it?
Well, apart from the fact that you're not just reading my story, but the collective experience of 200 recent and current PhD students, there is a somewhat charitable side to this. Revenue generated from the sales of the e-book will be used to support my academic endeavours this year. I hope to cover some of the costs of attending and speaking at the International Medieval Congress and the Harlaxton Symposium.

So, purchasing this will genuinely be supporting academic endeavours.

Available now for purchase through Amazon

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