Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Big news!

My PhD thesis has been officially accepted for publication with a large academic press! (I'll refrain from naming the publisher until the contract is signed).

This has been a long road, but this news has finally put some of my demons to bed.

Many of you will recall a particularly nasty comment about my major corrections (see Comments). I was accused of having a flawed thesis. And while I knew that wasn't true, the accusation stung nevertheless. The fact that my thesis will be turned into a monograph is the final nail in the coffin of any lingering imposter syndrome I suffered in the aftermath of my viva.

The publication process thus far has been long (for reasons out of my control) but largely positive. I had wonderfully constructive feedback from my reviewers and am immensely looking forward to getting back to my thesis for the final edits (goodbye evenings, hello library!)

I've said it before when I talked about my major corrections that I believe them to ultimately be a good thing because some of the issues may have arisen in the publication process. But the corrections I received were around structural changes (not content). The thesis I submitted for my viva and the thesis I had after corrections are pretty much the same content-wise, albeit much better organised and structured. 

So it really is a validation for me that the monograph based on my thesis will be sitting on bookshelves in the near future. I knew it wasn't flawed, but this is the proof I needed to shush the haters out there!

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