Monday, April 25, 2016

A Week in the Life...1.0

I'm not very good in keeping track of all the things I have to do. At work, I'm usually quite good and have a system of physcial lists and tasks to do in my Outlook calendar. But, for all the other things that I do I am very lax at scheduling and planning.

So, to remedy that, every Monday I am going to write a short post detailing what I have to do that week and what I want to achieve. It will help me not only to document my progress, but will also shame me into doing more! Beyond that, however, I hope that it will provide some insight into the life of a recently graduated PhD student who works in alternative academia but is trying to keep one foot in.

My goals/tasks - both professional, academic, and personal - for the next few months to a year include:
  • Continuing to learn and develop a range of skills in my current fixed-term job.
  • Research and prepare for job applications in Autumn/Winter.
  • Deliver my monograph manuscript to my publisher on May 31.
  • Present two conference papers in July
  • Find new accommodation from August onwards
  • Prepare translation work for a book proposal
  • Run a 10k race

So, what is on the horizon this week:
  • I have three weeks left in my current placement working at UCL. This week I am preparing to run focus groups and a User Experience project and am writing up my final report to be delivered next week.
  • I have to finish up an ILM assignment (Institute of Leadership and Management) for my certificate course.
  • I need to edit 2 chapters of my thesis for my monograph manuscript.
  • I have three 25mins runs to complete for week 7 of the Couch25K scheme.
And just to be clear. This isn't some sort of self-congratulatory post where I am seeking pats on the back. Running aside, this is the reality of what myself and many others do to pay the bills, start a career, and keep a foot in academia. Although, it is also so important to make sure you have time for yourself. Whether this is through exercise, socialising, hobbies, whatever, it is vital to keep an eye on your mental and physical health to avoid burnout (see here).

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