Monday, May 2, 2016

A Week in the Life...2.0

Continuing my short posts on A Week in the Life of...

Last week I set my week tasks/goals as the following:
  • Work: Preparing to run focus groups and a User Experience project and am writing up my final report to be delivered next week. Finishing up ILM assignment (Institute of Leadership and Management).
  • Academic: I need to edit 2 chapters of my thesis for my monograph manuscript.
  • Personal: I have three 25mins runs to complete for week 7 of the Couch25K scheme.
So, how did I get on? Well, work is going well and I finished all of my tasks, and am prepared for a week of running focus groups. I submitted my ILM assignment before the deadline (yes, I am an overachiever!). Personally, I completed my three 25mins runs. On the academic side, I wasn't so good. I have only managed to edit one chapter so am definitely a little behind on my schedule. But luckily, it is a Bank Holiday today so I can take the rest of today and try to get that second chapter done!

Now it's time to think about the next week:
  • Work: Run 4 focus groups, write up the results of those groups, and complete my placement report. I also have to prepare a brief presentation.
  • Academic: For my monograph manuscript, I have to write a short chapter discussing briefly other themes which are covered in the medieval text I study but which are not analysed in depth. It should be relatively straightforward, but I have to admit that I have been procrastinating with this as I haven't written new research in a while!!
  • Personal: I am on week 8 of the Couch25k scheme, which means three 28 mins runs for me!! As a perk, this weekend I will be shopping for some summer clothes for my upcoming holiday to Malta!!
I recently asked the Twitterverse what methods people employ to keep track of their tasks. There was a huge variety of response, from large posters to physical planners to GoogleCalendar, to specific apps such as ToodleDo or Todoist. I have to admit that I haven't come to any sort of method myself, but I do find that publicly documenting my goals and tasks in this forum makes me feel like I hold myself more accountable for achieving them! Hence the slight guilt in not doing as much editing as I would have liked...

But hey, you have to have a little fun on a Bank Holiday weekend!

Now, back to editing....

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