Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Week in the Life...3.0

I've had a little hiatus from this series (which has really only just begun!), mostly due to holidays, bereavement, and starting a new placement. But I'm back!

So, what is happening with me at the moment? Well, since my last update I have finished my secondment with UCL Library Services and have just started with Estates Services back at the University of Oxford. (If you are curious as to what my job is and what I'm doing, check out this post). I have received a (much-appreciated) extension on handing in my thesis for publication as a monograph. Those are the two big things happening, but here is what I'll be getting up to this week:

  • Proofing my manuscript and endnotes formatting
  • I should hear tomorrow whether I have funding for publication rights to images - if I get them, I will have to re-edit my manuscript to include them
  • I have to write a 800 word (much overdue) piece for Guardian Higher Ed on the academic costs incurred by those working outside of academia and the lack of support available to them
  • I have meetings to attend at work and generally trying to get up to speed with what my team does (and remembering names!!)
  • I finished my Couch25k series so now I am doing Bridge210k in preparation for a 10k race in August. Have to fit 2 more runs in this week.
  • My lease on my apartment is up at the end of July so I am doing viewings and trying to get that sorted

I think that looks like a lot, but some will balance others. I am stressed about securing my accommodation and anxious about this new placement, so running is actually a great stress reliever. The Guardian article feeds directly into the issues related to potentially not securing funding for publication rights and the consequences of that.

Busy busy busy...but in a good way!

And now off to a viewing...wish me luck!

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