Monday, March 5, 2018


A short post today to say that I am tired. I am tired of my role in a university being an afterthought. I am tired of being undervalued. I am tired of academics and admin being pitted against each other. And I am tired of attitudes which render my career path (university management) as dispensable and redundant:

I know that the majority of academics value the work that academic-related staff / professional services do, but all it takes is consistent oversight mixed with one blatant statement of admin's uselessness, to make me question if it is worth it. And when I think about my career, do I want to continue in an environment that will devalue and deride me on a regular basis? Do I want to work in an environment where no one considers how I feel?

The answer may well be no.

I am passionate about education. I want to make HE the best it can be, just not in an academic role at present. But if a minority believe that my career path is meaningless and redundant, maybe I should put my skills and passion towards something that will value me as an equal partner.

I just wonder how many good people will be lost to HE because we didn't value them enough or, if we did value them, never took the time to tell them.


  1. I've been following your tweets recently about all this and they've all rang so true with me. I've been a HE administrator in various roles for around ten years now, and the more time goes on, the less connected I feel to a job and a sector that I once adored. The recent lack of awareness around how professional staff might be affected by the pension cuts from lecturers, students, the media and professional bodies has bolstered my already growing belief that professional staff aren't thought or cared about. I don't know how much longer I'll be willing to work my backside off for (and with) people who see university administration as a lesser role and who treat us as such. I wonder how long things would go on if *all* professional staff walked out one day.

    1. I could not have expressed how I feel any better. The withdrawal of university professional/support/administrative labour would seriously destabalise universities, but we will never do it because we never feel included.


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