Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Academic meanness

I cannot prove, but suspect that some of the comments about my major corrections, insinuations about the quality of my work, and my alt-ac career are by the same person, or 1-2 people. They have in the past told me that my thesis must have been poor and flawed due to major corrections, that I wasn't cut out for academia, and more recently, that I was a loser and failure. Here is a snippet:

They also like to trawl through all my posts to find they tiniest hint of a contradiction and publicly call me out on it.


If the goal is to make me feel bad, then it doesn't work because I am proud of my achievements. I am confident in my research, published via peer-review. I am assured in my decision not to pursue academia right now. So, if you are trying to pull me down, it's not working.

If the goal is to make yourself feel better by belittling others, then I would ask you to look inwards. What is it about me and my story that makes you feel the need to call me a loser, failure, with flawed research? 

If you are feeding some sort of jealousy, I refer to the point above - look inwards. What have I done that makes you jealous and seeks to pull me down?

I will always stand up for myself, so do not consider this post (or my Tweets) a validation that you have got under my skin. No. Rather, these false notions about major corrections and quality are harmful and seek to create hierarchies in the PhD result. There are none. A pass is a pass. My degree certification does not have a footnote to say that I got major corrections.

I passed. I made a success of a minor set-back. And I spoke up about it. Sorry if that offends you but I won't stop. And if you keep commenting in such a mean-spirited way, I will keep calling you out on it.

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