About Me

My name is Fiona Whelan and I have just completed my doctorate in medieval history at the University of Oxford. My field of interest is the construction of behavior, and more specifically the written codification of etiquette and manners in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. 

I have a B.A. from Trinity College Dublin in History of Art and Architecture with a minor in French. I followed this up with a M.A. degree in Medieval Studies at University College London, before finding myself in the inestimable surroundings of Oxford.

However, this blog is more than my academics! Towards the end of my doctorate, I grew more and more concerned about the academic job market for humanities PhDs, and what that meant for my career prospects. In addition, I spent a lot of time working different part-time jobs in the educational sector from language teaching, international summer schools, study abroad programs, and academic libraries. More and more I found myself wanting to have an impact on a larger scale in academia. Consequently, my job hunt expanded into the alternative-academic career path, and I landed a job in academic management and leadership until December 2016.

I wanted to share with other doctoral students, past and present, my experiences as I make this transition away from pure research into a practical, real-world job. In addition, as I am trying to keep one foot in academia for the future, I will blog about the range of challenges that I will surely encounter.

Ultimately, I want to help doctoral students to see a world beyond academia!

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