Useful Links

Below is the beginnings of a list of links which I have already found useful. Ultimately, when complete it will survey the whole doctoral process, from application to job hunting.

*I realise it is sparse now, but please bear with me!

The PhD in Progress:
A Connecticut Yankee in Durham:
(this is my friend who started blogging exactly as she started the PhD in 2015 so capturing the story from the beginning!)

David's PhD Blog, Adventures in Music Education Research:

Preparing for the Viva:
Viva Survivors Podcasts:

Beyond the Doctorate:
From PhD to Life:

Versatile PhD:

Jobs on Toast:

The Professor Is In:

Job Market Handbook:
(geared towards Classicists, but really useful information for all disciplines)

The Mucky PhD:

CV Writing:
Grad Careers:

Mistakes in Academic CVs:

PhD Life:
(generally, a great resource on all things PhD)

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